Middle Grade New Releases, July 16, 2019

HAPPY BOOK BIRTHDAY to these middle grade books making their rounds through our reviewers!

Thank you to @kidlitexchange for providing the review copies of this book. All opinions are our own.

img_8386SURVIVOR GIRL – by Erin Teagan
July 16th 2019 ~ Clarion Books

Photo and Review by Kate @kateteaching7and8

Twelve-year-old Ali loves her reality TV star father, Survivor Guy, and plans to follow in his footsteps as Survivor Girl. Her life as she knows it though is crumbling around her. Though she doesn’t want to admit it, her parents are separated and her dad is always away filming. Finally, following her 6th grade graduation, she gets the opportunity to join her dad and older brother on the set of Survivor Guy. She discovers that her dad isn’t survivor she thought and that there isn’t much reality in his reality TV show. When a wildfire hits their filming location and they miss the escape chopper, Ali and two other kids must survive for real.
This was fast-paced adventure book that also includes STEM themes, discussions about body image, and divorce. All of these different themes and plot strands are seamlessly woven together to create an engaging and page-turning story. Ali is super relatable and dealing with issues many readers may also be struggling with. She’s not the best at sports or survival, and she’s struggling with the fact that her family unit as she knows it is changing. The book has a lot of positive messages and includes some really interesting science facts (for example, I learned about peat fires). Adventure and survival books are always popular in my classroom library, and I look forward to adding a copy of Survivor Girl to my library for my students to enjoy.

THE ODDMIRE: CHANGELING – by William Ritterimg_8385
July 16th 2019 ~ Algonquin Young Readers

Photo and Review by Laura @librarianmsg

Out 7/16, this spooky fantasy belongs in every elementary and middle school library!

My son loves to read but is somewhat picky, so when he came to me 30 pages into this book, eyes shining and said “oh mama, I have so many theories!”…that’s when I knew this was a special book. We both ended up loving it!

Tinn and Cole are mischievous twins who live with their mother on the edge of the Deep Dark Wood…but their mother only originally gave birth to one child. The other child is a changeling placed there by a goblin and left after the changeling mimics the other child so well that the goblin can’t tell them apart. The twins are both well-loved by their mother, who doesn’t care that she now has two. Then the boys get a note telling them that the changeling one of them must return to the goblins or else all magic in the woods will end. They set off on an adventure that involves a witch, shape shifters, a monster and more. Their mother, Annie Burton, follows, determined to save both her boys.

Things aren’t what they seem.
“It’s never too late to do something right.”
Sometimes you have to leave your lukewarm tea and take up battle against monsters to save your children.
First rate fantasy adventure and highly readable (even funny at times!). Perfect for grades 3+. My rising 3rd grader and I read it on our family camping trip this week and couldn’t stop talking about all the twists and turns this story takes. . .
Warning: things get a little scary! My guy LOVES scary, but not all kids do of course.

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