Middle Grade New Releases, June 4, 2019

HAPPY BOOK BIRTHDAY to these middle grade books making their rounds through our reviewers!

Thank you to @kidlitexchange for providing the review copies of these books. All opinions are our own.

(June 4th 2019 ~ Random House Disney)

Photo and Review by Akossiwa ~ originally on Instagram @akossket

Piper loves to cook. In fact the kitchen is the one place she feels like herself and has no hesitation taking a chance or trying new things. When the opportunity arises to be on a cooking contest show with a money prize that can come in handy, she does not hesitate.
I love how Piper is encouraged to take that leap of faith. Yes, she has talent for cooking but still doubts herself, so the support of her family and friends is exactly what she needs to pursue her dream.
The dynamic between the girls is a joy to watch. I really like how they are different, but at the same time complete each other.

Since this is a series and I haven’t read book one, I worried it would affect my enjoyment of book two, but it didn’t. The books can definitely be read out of order.
I think the Daring Dreamers Club series can be a great transition read from chapter books to middle grade books.

THE STORY WEB – by Megan Frazer Blakemoreimg_8161
( June 4th 2019 ~ Bloomsbury Children’s Books)

Photo and Review by Laura ~ originally on Instagram @librarianmsg

My heart ached throughout the book for Alice who believes she is the reason her veteran father had to leave their home. She’s so upset that she will barely talk to anyone, won’t play ice hockey anymore and feels lost. But then the wild animals surrounding her small town start making contact, Alice must pay attention. She, Melanie and Lewis are the only ones who can save the fabled Story Web from breaking completely and unleashing a world wide freeze. She must tell the truth and share it with others, if she is to save the Story Web, which holds together the fabric of our world.
Perfect for grades 3+, this novel felt like an instant classic and nearly brought me to tears. Highly recommended.


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