SHOUTING AT THE RAIN by Lynda Mullaly Hunt – A Book you want to order NOW!

img_8016SHOUTING AT THE RAIN BY Lynda Mullaly Hunt
(May 7th 2019 ~ Nancy Paulsen Books)

Photo and Review by Laura @librarianmsg

Lynda Mullaly Hunt is one of the most popular authors in my middle school library. I have multiple copies of both Fish in a Tree and One for the Murphys and they are frequently all checked out (see pic). For that reason, and because I love both books myself, I was VERY eager to get my hands on Shouting at the Rain and see if Hunt could do it again. And by “do it” I mean tug at my heartstrings, make me fall in love with characters and cause me to ignore my family and camp out on the couch all day on Easter Sunday. (Spoiler alert: she did it!!)
Scrappy and resourceful Delsie lives with her Grammy on the Cape (that’s Cape Cod for the non-locals). Delsie doesn’t know her mother or even her father’s name, but her Grammy is unwilling to talk about her daughter. Delsie is also dealing with friendship drama, as well; one of her closest friends is busy the summer play, and her other summer friend seems to be outgrowing Delsie and has befriended a new girl who is mean to Delsie. When a new boy, Ronan, comes to town, he seems like trouble at first, but he and Delsie increasingly find they have important things in common: an interest in running, a love of science, abandonment issues and more.
The greatest strength of this book are the characters and the strongly depicted setting of the Cape (not touristy Cape Cod, but the Cape of the locals). From Grammy who loves game shows, to their crabby neighbor Olive, to Saucepan Lynn, there is plenty of color and flavor to help bring the Cape to life. Anyone who’s spent time in a summer place like Cape Cod will appreciate the way Delsie tries to get away with not wearing shoes all summer or how the locals keep a snow shovel on the porch to remind them of the winter. Shouting at the Rain is a beautifully written coming of age book about accepting what life has dealt you and discovering that family can have a broader definition. Out May 7! Pre-order now!img_8017

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2 thoughts on “SHOUTING AT THE RAIN by Lynda Mullaly Hunt – A Book you want to order NOW!

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  1. Hey, Susan! THANKS so much for your kind review. I really do appreciate it so much! I must say that writing a book set on the Cape was fun. I was “forced” to do much research. 🙂 But now that the book belongs to readers and not to me anymore, I must admit to missing Grammy and Ronan and even Olive. I even dream about these characters which has never happened with my other two books. THANK YOU again for your kindness! Have a great day 🙂


  2. You are so welcome, Lynda! In a way I’m not surprised that you are missing Grammy, Ronan and Olive. You make the characters in your books truly come alive! We are very excited to have the opportunity to pass Shouting at the Rain around to our reviewers. Watch for more reviews soon! – Susan


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