Middle Grade New Releases, February 19, 2019

Happy book birthday to these middle grade books making their rounds through our reviewers!

Thank you to @kidlitexchange for providing the review copies of these books. All opinions are our own.

img_7621REVENGE OF THE ENGINERDS – by Jarrett Lerner
(February 19th 2019 ~ Aladdin)

Review and Picture by Joann ~ originally on Instagram @mrsjwalshreads

Ken, Edsley, Dan and the other Enginerds are back and are trying to locate the last of the robots that Dan created. So far, none of their plans to find the robot have been successful. Meanwhile a girl, Mikaela, has intruded upon the Enginerds, bringing her suitcase full of gadgets and theories of alien activity! While most of the other guys are interested in Mikaela and her gadgets, Ken wants no part of listening to a girl. SInce the other guys are distracted, Ken and Edsley continue their search for the missing bot, finally finding him and devising a plan to take him down. Slowly, Ken begins to realize that maybe Mikaela isn’t so bad, and that she is actually pretty smart! The Enginerds end up coming together to defeat the last robot and his butt-blasting, when all of a sudden something (and someone) appears from out of the clouds…. And we are left with another cliffhanger!
I love the Enginerds series! I find the short chapters very engaging and make the book move quickly. (This is a big plus for some of my reluctant readers.) There is a lot of action, and the Enginerds are very clever with their plans! I really enjoy the fact that the books are written from Ken’s point of view, and I think this makes the story so relatable for kids! I’m so glad a girl was introduced in this story, and I love how Ken’s opinion of Mikaela changes throughout the story. I enjoyed how Edsley had more of a role in this story, and while he seems to be goofy and have little common sense, he takes charge in the battle with the last robot. I personally love the relationship that Ken has with his grandfather, as I was very close to my grandfather. I love the fact that he can understand his “clicks” even though he is unable to speak.
We have another winner from Jarret Lerner! I can’t wait to get Revenge of the Enginerds for my class!

THE STORM KEEPER’S ISLAND – by Catherine Doyle
(January 22nd 2019 ~ Bloomsbury Children’s Books)img_7622

Photo and Review by Holland ~ originally on Instagram @whatsakidtoread

“There’s no fear in the doing of it lad-there’s only fear in the beforehand, and this is the beforehand”

“There are many different kids of bravery- often the journeys we take inside ourselves are more difficult than the stormiest seas”

“There are worse things to fear- a life without love, a path without meaning, a heart without courage”

The captivating book tells of a boy who spends the summer on the island of Arranmore with his grandfather, and along the way discovers the lengths to which he will go for his family, and the strength inside of him as he comes face to face with his destiny.

Give this book to upper elementary and middle school kids who love action, adventure and just the right dose of fantasy

img_7620GOOD ENOUGH – Jen Petro-Roy
(February 19th 2019 ~ Feiwel and Friends)

YOU ARE ENOUGH – Jen Petro-Roy
(February 19th 2019 ~ Feiwel and Friends)

Photo and Review by Joann ~ originally on Instagram @mrsjwalshreads

Good Enough chronicles a twelve year old girl named Riley who is going through treatment for an eating disorder. The diary/ journal style format gives you an in depth look at how Riley is feeling and what she is thinking throughout her hospital stay and treatment for anorexia.

This is such an important and eye opening book. It makes you understand that an eating disorder really is an illness. It is much more than someone deciding whether or not to eat, or stop dieting. Riley must battle with her inner thoughts, be honest with herself, and learn to love herself and accept herself the way she is. In the end, even though she knows it won’t be easy, she is determined to let go of fear, be strong, and win the battle to overcome her eating disorder.

Even though I have never had an eating disorder, I have always struggled with my weight. As a teen, I constantly worried about my body image, the clothes I wore, and whether or not I would be accepted by my peers. Thankfully, I had good friends to support me, and who always made me feel good enough. Like Riley, I went to school with mean girls like Talia who can be hard to ignore. Throughout the story, I found myself being a cheerleader for Riley. I was so caught up in the book that I saw her as a real person who I wanted to talk to, encourage, give a big hug to, and give advice to her parents! Jen Petro-Roy has written such a valuable book for kids going through an eating disorder, struggling with body image, or for understanding what people with eating disorders must battle to overcome their disease. I highly recommend this book for kids in grade 6 or up.

I also highly recommend the companion book, You Are Enough. Jen Petro-Roy bravely shares her experience with an eating disorder, and gives valuable and insightful information into the recovery process for eating disorders and body image issues. Thank you @jpetroroy for writing these books! I know they will help so many people!

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