Middle Grade New Releases, Week of October 23, 2018

Happy release week to these middle grade books making their rounds through our reviewers!

Thank you to @kidlitexchange for providing the review copies of these books. All opinions are our own.

First of all, here’s one we missed from September! Please forgive our mistake, and make sure
you look for this special book!

img_7019Dewey Fairchild, Teacher Problem Solver by Lorri Horn
(Amberjack Publishing ~ September 18, 2018)

Review and Photo by Mary Anne M. ~ originally on Instagram @maryannerent

#Lorrihorn writes in such a relatable way. Dewey, a 6th grade boy from California, could easily be a 4th grader in my Massachusetts homeroom. Along with his buddy Bryan, Dewey takes on the problems that teachers cause. Mrs. Decorder even calls them Ryanandbryan. ✏️ I laughed at their suggestion to be nice to teachers by playing to their “soft spot,” bringing her an apple or cleaning her boards. In many ways, Dewey is a typical kid. He drives his mother crazy, while his younger sister “Pooh Bear” drives him crazy with her constant talking.✏️ Dewey is certainly creative. One idea he had was to hand out notes with a plan to help relieve their boredom in one class – to respond to a question in class in the least interesting way possible. Another problem is Mr. Snow, the Science Teacher who instilled a fear of water in his students. ✏️ The story also involves vending machines, protest signs (and California’s Vandalism Law), a smart snack calculator, the Principal, detention and Dewey’s Dad going back to school to be a teacher. ✏️ One line from the book sums up the plot – “How come what was so funny with friends could be so annoying with parents?” ✏️ This book is funny, and lets us adults look at ourselves from a different perspective.

Dragonwatch #2: Wrath of the Dragon King by Brandon Mullimg_7020
( October 23rd 2018 ~ Shadow Mountain)

Photo and Review by Laura ~ originally on Instagram @librarianmsg

I haven’t read the first book in this series so I enlisted one of my student library assistants, Elliott, to read and review this book! It’s just the first 100 pages so he has to wait until the release date (10/23) to read the rest. Here is what he had to say…

I wish I hadn’t read it because now I have to wait a whole month to read the rest! It is so good that I wanted to keep reading and didn’t want to stop. It has the right amount of action, it’s easy to understand what’s going on with the plot, there are plenty of cliffhangers and it’s just SO GOOD.

img_7021Counting to Perfect by Suzanne LaFleur
( October 23rd 2018 ~ Wendy Lamb Books)

Photo and Review by Danielle ~ originally on Instagram @read.disrupt.repeat

If you’re looking for a book about sisterhood in the face of change, this book is for you!

Cassie and Julia used to be more than just sisters – they were best friends. But now, Julia has a baby, and their family’s dynamic has changed entirely. Their whole world is focused on Julia’s daughter, Addie. It’s almost as if Cassie doesn’t exist. Then, when Julia leaves in the middle of the night, Cassie sneaks out with her. In a gorgeous tale of discovery, Suzanne LaFleur weaves flashbacks with the present, leaving both the reader and characters to figure out how to bridge the ever-growing gap between the sisters, and the road trip they embark upon together.

More than anything, this is a story about being heard, and being able to be loved for your true self, not the person someone else wants you to be. Such an adorable tale of sisterly love!

An added bonus, some flashbacks speak to Julia’s experience as a pregnant senior in high school with a supportive family, which is awesome for readers who have experienced similar circumstances.

Excellent story for an upper-middle audience and above.

The Lighthouse Between The Worlds by Melanie Crowder38351557
(October 23rd 2018 ~ Atheneum Books for Young Readers)

Good Reads Summary: Griffin and his father tend to their lighthouse on the craggy coast of Oregon with the same careful routine each day. There are hardly ever any visitors, but they like it that way. Which is why, when a group of oddly dressed strangers suddenly appears, Griffin begins to see just how many secrets his father has been keeping. He never imagined that his lighthouse contains a portal to strange and dangerous worlds, or that a Society of Lighthouse Keepers exists to protect the Earth from a fearsome enemy invasion.

But then Griffin’s dad is pulled through the lens of the lighthouse into one of those other worlds. With his father gone, nobody from the Society is giving Griffin any answers, so he’s on his own. Armed only with a book of mysterious notes from his parents, Griffin is determined to find his dad, no matter what dangers lurk on the other side of the portal.

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