Young Adult New Releases: Week of August 7, 2018


(Sourcebooks Fire ~ August 7, 2018)

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Review and photo by Ariel ~ @librariel17 on Instagram

Marianne is a young girl who is facing a huge obstacle, her parents divorce. Forced to go live with her aunt while her mother checks herself into a psych hospital, she must learn to adjust. But something is following her and it’s getting stronger. With the help of her new friend, Ron, Marianne must fight against the thing that continues to follow her. Whatever it is, it was back what belongs to it but no one has any idea what that is.

This is a compelling novel about accepting yourself for who you are and fighting those inner demons. I recommend this book to any teen interested in reading a thrilling emotional mystery.

FATES AWOKEN (Fates Aflame Book 2) by P. Anastasia

(P. Anastasia ~ August 7, 2018)

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Review and photo by Christina ~ @mycornerforbooksand on Instagram

Even though this is the second book in the Fates Aflame series and I haven’t read the first one. Oops! I was completely enthralled from the start to even notice. Halfway through reading the book I google searched the author because I already wanted more.

Admiral Hawksford is summoned to help Rayvenstar Castle from ancient bloodbanes that have declared war on the castle. But when Valhara and her crew arrive it seems like the truth is being withheld and the information they received beforehand has either been exaggerated or it’s all been a lie. At one point the King and his guards treat them like prisoners. Admiral Hawksford being the Elemental Guardian feels her patience being tested and as a leader feels like she has put her team in danger.
A journey of magical energy, a dragon, a pegasus and souls of past Kings. We see how selflessness can save a country and how strong friendship can be. The characters are lovable, I wanted to know more about them and I got enough to say they are awesome! Did I mention a talking Dragon! Yeah you read that right, now I want one!
Also I can’t forget to say that the description of Alyssia where this journey takes place is truly mesmerizing! Like I want to be Valhara in the last few pages of the book!

Need I say you need to pick this book up, because you do!

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