June 5, 2018 Picture Book Releases

Happy release week to all of these picture books making their rounds through our reviewers!
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HAWK RISING by Maria Gianferrari, Illustrated by Brian Floca

(Roaring Brook Press ~ June 5, 2018)

Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 8.23.50 PM

Review and photo by Andrea ~ @bookscatsbutterflies on Instagram

Hawk Rising is a beautiful look into the life of a hawk family. Mother Hawk stays at the nest guarding the chicks, Father Hawk goes in search of food, and the person intently observes the hawks’ behavior. Maria Gianferrari has crafted a nonfiction narrative that contains movement on every page, making the reader (and the character watching the action) wonder if Father will return with food. Brian Floca’s detailed illustrations add extra depth to this book. A great feature is the fact list at the end of the book, where readers will learn even more about hawks and their behavior. Having attended a conference at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, I appreciated the shout-out to that amazing facility as well. Any budding birdwatchers or young outdoor enthusiasts would enjoy this informative, entertaining read!

MABEL AND SAM AT HOME by Linda Urban, Illustrated by Hadley Hooper

(Chronicle Books ~ June 5, 2018)

Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 8.39.33 PM

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At the new house, there were movers and shouting and boxes and blankets. There were many places a girl like Mabel and a boy like Sam could be tripped over or smooshed or trod upon. There was one safe place where they would not. And that is how Mabel became a Sea Captain. In this three-part picture book of moving house and imaginative play, Mabel and Sam sail the high seas of their new home; tour the intriguing museum of their living room; journey through outer space to the safety of their own beds; and discover how far afield—and how close to home—imagination can take them.

PINK IS FOR BOYS by Robb Pearlman, Illustrated by Eda Kaban

(Running Press Kids ~ June 5, 2018)

Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 8.30.56 PM

Review and photo by Kristin ~ @littlemisskidlit on Instagram

The title of this book caught the eye of my oldest little lady immediately. She’s been in school for three years, so she gets the typical stereotype of pink for girls, blue for boys. She flipped through it with a puzzled look, reading each page until the end. Then we talked about why people feel pink is only for girls, as well as the many other colors we find in our world that don’t have to be specific to boys or girls. Colors are for everyone!

It’s a short and simple read, perfect for young ones, but it also opens up limitless conversations about breaking down gender stereotypes with older children too. I think it’s an all around great family book covering simple color concepts and bigger ideas like social norms.

I wish we’d had this book when my oldest daughter was a baby. It’s not easy to change the mind of an almost 8-year-old when she’s grown up hearing pink is for girls.

WHO WILL ROAR IF I GO? by Paige Jaeger, Illustrated by Carol Hill Quirk

(Boutique of Quality Books ~ June 1, 2018)

Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 8.33.38 PM

Review and photo by Susan ~ @redcanoereader on Instagram

This story gently introduces the idea of endangered species and animal extinction through rhyming verse and soft, intriguing watercolor illustrations. It includes thirteen animals from around the world through the touching stories which are charmingly related by the animal’s own voices. We learn both the reasons for their threatened existence, as well as how we can help them survive. Some of the animals included are the snow leopard, the elephant, the tiger and the quetzal, but my favorite was the North American Blue Karner butterflies. The illustrations are beautiful and it should be especially meaningful to the children because they might actually see one in their neighborhood!

There are so many facets of this book that I really like. The rich vocabulary will prompt discussions as the story is shared, no matter if it is with your little who’s curled up in your lap or during a storytime with children, ages 3 – 8. The stories about about what can be done to help the animals survive, provides a good introduction to researching endangered species. The inclusion of the animal’s home continents adds a geography lesson to the reading experience. And finally the glossary at the end of the book is especially complete and very helpful.

I highly recommend this very special book be added to both public and elementary libraries, as well as to your home bookcase. This book was released on June 1, 2018.


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