Monster and Mouse Go Camping

Happy release week to this picture book as it makes its rounds through our reviewers!


(HMH Books for Young Readers ~ May 29, 2018)

Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 11.11.52 PM


Monster proves he’s not that great in the great outdoors in this heartwarming tale of camping and friendship by New York Times bestselling author Deborah Underwood.

It takes a little convincing, but with the promise of food, Monster decides to join Mouse on a camping trip. Things quickly go awry when Mouse takes off to explore, because, well, Monster gets hungry.He starts with just a little snack—the lantern. And the sleeping bags are hard to resist. Then the tent . . .

Stranded in the wild with no supplies, what are a monster and a mouse to do?
Join these friends on an unforgettable camping trip, perfect for reading snuggled in a sleeping bag or curled on a couch.

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Review and photo from Danica ~ @littleatticlibrary on Instagram

I have absolutely love being a reviewer for Kid Lit Exchange and the girls were especially excited when I received my first set of picture books to review. Monster & Mouse Go Camping was an adorable story about two friends who go camping and when monster eats all of the camping equipment the two friends have to decide what to do. It was such a cute and funny story, perfect for any young animal lovers!

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