May 22, 2018 Young Adult Releases

Happy release week to these young adult books making their rounds through our reviewers!

Thank you to @kidlitexchange for providing the free review copies of these books.

ALWAYS NEVER YOURS by Emily Wibberley and Austin Siegemund-Broka

(Penguin Books ~ May 22, 2018)

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 8.31.53 PM

Review and photo by Kate Olson ~ @theloudlibrarylady on Instagram

Theater + romance +friends + family = a totally refreshing YA story that made me realize just how unique it is to have a sexually empowered female lead who is not ashamed of her behavior (and shouldn’t be, so GOOD!) in contemporary YA. Megan is known as the class flirt and tends to jump into the physical parts of relationships immediately since she figures the relationship won’t last……just like all of her others.

What makes this refreshing is that the storyline isn’t about her overcoming her brazen ways, but instead about learning to open her heart as well. The Shakespeare angle will make theater lovers swoon, and her family and friendship agonies will make Megan very relatable to so many readers. Oh, and I also ADORE the positive body image that Megan has! This book releases on 5.22.18.

Highly recommended for YA readers of all ages, and high school library purchase, ages 14 and up.



(Simon Pulse ~ May 22, 2018)

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 8.42.49 PM

Review and photo by Kate Olson ~ @theloudlibrarylady on Instagram

I absolutely adored Menon’s 2017 title WHEN DIMPLE MET RISHI and was so so excited to read this one and discover that it is just as wonderful, although completely different. TWINKLE is written entirely in diary-like letters to famous female film makers, and details the attempts of teenage Twinkle Mehra to both create a fabulous movie for an upcoming school festival and make over her social image.

This story is sweet and romantic and 100% celebrates geeky love at its absolute best. While Twinkle definitely starts out letting the world walk right over her, she gains emotional strength as she gains her confidence in film making.

TWINKLE is a must-read this summer, and a story that will be perfect for adults and teens alike to crack open on the beach……or in an air conditioned living room ~ either way! This hits shelves on May 22, 2018.


RACING MANHATTAN by Terence Blacker

(Candlewick Press ~ May 22, 2018)

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 8.38.45 PM

Review and photo by Michele Green ~ @michelegreen120 on Instagram

WOW! I loved this book!! I flew through it! I love horses, although don’t own my own and don’t have interest in racing.

Jay is a girl with a sorry family life and a passion for horses. She’s better when she’s with them and just wants to race. She leaves home at 16 and flies by the seat of her pants. She finds a racing stable and begins trying to prove herself.

And then there’s Manhattan, the dappling grey that everyone has given up on. A broken girl and a broken horse make the perfect match. Now to get others to believe in them!

I’m putting this one on my MUST order list. My students who have or love horses will love this title!


(Swoon Reads ~ May 22, 2018)

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 10.32.39 PM

Photo by Kate Olson ~ @theloudlibrarylady on Instagram

This one is still on its way to reviewers…….Stay tuned to the #kidlitexchange tag on Instagram and Twitter for reviews!


As a rock star drummer in the hit band The Brightsiders, Emmy King’s life should be perfect. But there’s nothing the paparazzi love more than watching a celebrity crash and burn. When a night of partying lands Emmy in hospital and her girlfriend in jail, she’s branded the latest tabloid train wreck.

Luckily, Emmy has her friends and bandmates, including the super-swoonworthy Alfie, to help her pick up the pieces of her life. She knows hooking up with a band member is exactly the kind of trouble she should be avoiding, and yet Emmy and Alfie Just. Keep. Kissing.

Will the inevitable fallout turn her into a clickbait scandal (again)? Or will she find the strength to stand on her own?

LIGHT FILTERS IN: POEMS by Caroline Kaufman

(HarperCollins ~ May 22, 2018)

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 10.32.13 PM

Photo by Kate Olson ~ @theloudlibrarylady on Instagram

This one is still on its way to reviewers…….Stay tuned to the #kidlitexchange tag on Instagram and Twitter for reviews!


In the vein of poetry collections like Milk and Honey and Adultolescence , this compilation of short, powerful poems from teen Instagram sensation @poeticpoison perfectly captures the human experience.

In Light Filters In, Caroline Kaufman—known as @poeticpoison—does what she does best: reflects our own experiences back at us and makes us feel less alone, one exquisite and insightful piece at a time. She writes about giving up too much of yourself to someone else, not fitting in, endlessly Googling “how to be happy,” and ultimately figuring out who you are.

This hardcover collection features completely new material plus some fan favorites from Caroline’s account. Filled with haunting, spare pieces of original art, Light Filters In will thrill existing fans and newcomers alike.


Whoops… we missed this one last week! 

REALITY GOLD by Tiffany Brooks

(Dunemere Books ~ May 15, 2018)

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 8.55.01 PM

Review and photo by BreAnna Avery ~ @auntbreesqreads on Instagram

This is a story about a teenage girl who is dealing with bullying in her personal and online life so she decides to go on a reality show and compete with 19 other teens on an island to try and fix her reputation. You quickly learn that Riley is rich so she doesn’t care about the cash prize like many of the other contestants who want it for college money. Immediately, this had me thinking I was not going to like this book. Do I really want to read 400 pages about a spoiled rich girl? However, Riley experiences a lot of character growth throughout the book which was much appreciated by this reader. Also, there’s the mystery of the hidden treasure that had me flying through the book (I finished it in 2 days which I have not done with a novel in months). I also thought the romances were actually pretty realistic because teenagers are annoying. I do wish the cast had been a bit more diverse though. Jock, nerd, preppy, etc. are not really diversity. Trigger warning: Sexual assault



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