Dory Fantasmagory: Head in the Clouds By Abby Hanlon

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Dory Fantasmagory: Head in the Clouds By Abby Hanlon
(March 6th 2018 ~ Dial Books)


This latest adventure of Dory Fantasmagory, Head in the Clouds, is full of all sorts of new predicaments for this one-of-a-kind character and her world of imaginary friends.

First, Dory battles with an overly bunchy coat. Then she keeps getting stuck playing with Melody, who cries soo much, and has a penchant for cleaning. And then Dory gets a loose tooth which turns into a quest to rescue the tooth fairy (who apparently has ditched the traditional tooth fairy get-up for a more practical swimsuit). Oh, and all the while, she’s still got to keep that troublemaking, imaginary Mrs. Gobble Gracker out of the way.

Abby Hanlon has so perfectly captured the imagination of a child, with Dory (Rascal) flitting from one wild idea to another. The writing in this book is so witty and goofy in just the right way to appeal to kids in that early elementary age, and the kid-like doodles running through the pages add that extra bit of fun to really make the story come alive. I think my girls and I were laughing the hardest in the part where Dory is trying to write her apology letter to her teacher for lying. (“How do you spell ‘sorry’? How do you spell ‘bunchy’? How do you spell ‘fake family’? How do you spell ‘electric can opener’?).

Just a heads up for sensitive kiddos: there’s a sub-plot that runs through the books about Mrs. Gobble Gracker, a character (kind of like Dory’s boogieman), that sneaks in her room and wants to bring her into her cave…and maybe also wants to eat children. Yet, this is handled in such a funny way (I mean, this time around, Mrs. Gobble Gracker is trying to take over as Tooth Fairy) that it lends itself so well to great conversations about fears and our imaginations and how things don’t have to be scary if we can make them fun instead.

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