May 15, 2018 Picture Book Releases

Happy release week to all of these picture books making their rounds through our reviewers!
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HOW TO CODE A SANDCASTLE by Josh Funk and Sarah Palacios

(Viking Books for Young Readers ~ May 15, 2018)

Review and photo by Michele ~ @michelegreen120 on Instagram 

Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 8.17.26 PM

Thanks to Kid Lit Exchange for sharing How to Code a Sandcastle by Josh Funk with me! This is definitely a teaching book that I will be ordering and using as my intro for my summer school coding class! The bright illustrations made me feel like I was in summer on an overcast Wisconsin day.

Pearl does a great job of teaching her robot, Pascal, the exact steps he needs to do to build a proper sandcastle. Pearl thinks out loud, which is exactly what students need to hear when trying to understand how to code. Pascal does not ever talk or develop a personality, which is exactly right for this book.

While not an everyday read aloud book, this certainly is a book I will use for instruction and children will be drawn to because of both the subject matter and the bright illustrations of Sara Palacios.

HUDSON IN PROVENCE by Jackie Clark Mancuso

(La Librairie Parisienne; None edition ~ May 15, 2015)

Review and photo by Breana ~ @messy_hands_playtime on Instagram

Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 9.23.01 PM

I enjoyed reading the Paris-Chien Adventure series with my two daughters who are 7 and 3 years old. I have one animal lover and another that is fascinated with foreign languages. These books combine both of those interests. The plots are fun and include real life situations, but through a dog’s eyes. Paris-Chien is all about moving to Paris, learning a new language, making new friends, and exploring a new place. Hudson in Provence has a message about being yourself. We really enjoyed the French phrases used throughout the books and the last page of every book conveniently contains a list of the phrases used, their pronunciation, and definitions. Each of the books contain beautiful illustrations of real locations in France. There is also the touch of silliness throughout the books as Hudson goes on adventures to the movie theater and carousel. There is something for everyone to enjoy in these books and they would be fun to read over and over again.

RILEY THE BRAVE by Jess Sinarski

(Cameck Publishing ~ May 15, 2018)

Review and photo by Susan ~ @redcanoereader on Instagram

Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 10.18.00 PM

This colorful picture book, which releases May 15, is the story of Riley, a bear cub and his elephant mom and dad. This gentle tale is an important one to share with children, especially those in foster families or those who have recently been adopted. It will provide lots of opportunities to begin a conversation with the children about what they experienced in their past and how they dealt with those situations. It will also provide the families a chance to talk about how the children’s lives are different in their new homes, and offer reassurance about their safety and security. In addition, Riley’s story will help classmates better understand their new friends’ backgrounds and experiences. I highly recommend Riley the Brave be added to both public and school libraries, as well as to social worker collections.

THE SANDCASTLE THAT LOLA BUILT by Megan Maynor and Kate Berube

(Knopf Books for Young Readers ~ May 15, 2018)

Photo by Katie ~ @texasreadergirl on Instagram

Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 9.45.06 PM

Review by Susan ~ @redcanoereader on Instagram

As I’m typing this, the wind is blowing, the sleet is falling and I am day dreaming about warm, sunny summer days at the beach. This new twist on “The House that Jack Built” is a delightful summertime tale that transports you to the happy days of childhood when you spent hours building sandcastles and watching the waves come in. To a time when you let your creativity soar as you created towers, moats and intricate designs in the sand. This is exactly what Lola does in this charming story that tells about making new friends, creativity and teamwork. And even though Mother Nature might be working against the new friends, they persevere to create the perfect sandcastle. The sweet and colorful illustrations add a lot to the story, especially in the expressions on the the children’s faces as they work together. If you are yearning for summer to arrive, this is the perfect book to add to your home library. It will be released May 15.

LET’S GO ABC! by Rhonda Gowler Greene

(Bloomsbury Children’s Books ~ May 15, 2018)

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 1.17.27 PM

This one is still on its way to reviewers…….Stay tuned to the #kidlitexchange tag on Instagram and Twitter for reviews!


The alphabet comes to zooming, vrooming life with vehicles for every letter, A to Z! A big, boxy bus drives up for letter B, a kayak floats by for letter K, and a rocket blasts off for letter R. A fun and thrilling range of planes, trains, automobiles, and more take readers on a ride through this charming early-learning book.

Beloved picture book author Rhonda Gowler Greene and illustrator Daniel Kirk join forces for another classic rhyming story for every fan of things that go!

MY MAGIC BREATH by Nick Ortner and Alison Taylor

(HarperCollins ~ May 15, 2018)

Photo by Kate ~ @theloudlibrarylady on Instagram

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 1.13.00 PM

This one is still on its way to reviewers…….Stay tuned to the #kidlitexchange tag on Instagram and Twitter for reviews!


From New York Times bestselling author Nick Ortner comes a beautiful picture book that will help children discover calm through the magic of mindful breathing:

Do YOU have the magic breath?

Let’s see…Take a deeeeeep breath in…and BLOW it out…

…and like magic, you can feel better just by breathing! Sometimes it’s hard to feel happy. But with this interactive picture book, children breathe along as they learn how to make angry or sad thoughts disappear.

In a world that is sometimes too busy, with too many things going on, My Magic Breath will help steer children into a serene space of mindfulness, self-awareness, and balance.

A wonderful classroom and naptime story, this book is perfect for fans of Susan Verde’s I Am Yoga and I Am Peace, Mariam Gates’s Good Night Yoga, and Deborah Underwood’s The Quiet Book.


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