May 8th, 2018 Young Adult Releases

Happy release week to these young adult books making their rounds through our reviewers!

Thank you to @kidlitexchange for providing the review copies of these books. 

We’ll Fly Away  by Bryan Bliss
(Greenwillow Books ~ May 8, 2018) 

Review by Michele Green ~ @michelegreen120 on Instagram


The number one thing I loved about this book was the boy awkwardness. Two male main characters struggle to figure out their daily lives, their plans after high school, and their relationship with each other. These boys’ voices came so alive in my head!

Split between letters written from death row and the boys’ senior year, this story is told in a very unique way that really doesn’t wrap up until the end. Sometimes I don’t like that in novels but this one worked well in that you weren’t completely confused, just made to wonder how the two would come together.

Abuse, athletics, abandonment, dreams, safe places, infatuation… all exist in this new YA due out tomorrow, May 8! I hope I can get SO many students to read this book! I’ve already added it to my @follettlearning order for next week!

Love and Luck  by Jenna Evans Welch
(Simon Pulse ~ May 8, 2018) 

Review by Kate Olson ~ @theloudlibrarylady on Instagram


I’ll start with the fact that LOVE & GELATO is hands down one of my favorite YA stories, so this one had a LOT to live up to! And it really really came close – it did! If you haven’t read Gelato, you can definitely read this one as a stand alone, but I honestly can’t think of a single reason NOT to read Gelato first. So much of that story will be ruined for you if you read this one first, so do yourself a favor, and display some patience by reading Gelato and THEN Luck.

I loved, loved, loved the setting in this book, I loved the strong female car mechanic main character, and I loved the storyline behind her overcoming something negative that happened to her involving a guy. The sister-brother relationships were awesome, and we all have to just agree to suspend disbelief about the reality of the entire “teens traveling solo through Europe” storyline, because it’s just so much FUN!

Valley Girls by Sarah Nicole Lemon
(Amulet Books ~ May 8, 2018)

Review by Melanie Bigelow ~ @alaneysbooknook on Instagram

valley girls

I have been procrastinating on writing this review because I wasn’t sure how to put all I felt while reading this book into words. I completely related to the main character Rilla which was shocking to me being she is only 17/18 during this story and comes from a background very different from mine. Yet the thoughts she suffers from are my thoughts.

She is forced to go live with her sister after an incident with her boyfriend. She is all attitude when she arrives. She runs into some climbers and slowly becomes entrenched in their group. When they first meet Rilla is pretty closed off and succumbs to negative thinking more often than not. To the point where she even struggles to apologize and communicate her feelings at all. Now I am on the other end of the spectrum where I often apologize too much but I definitely have issues with communication and negativity. Rilla is a character who has stayed with me even after finishing the book over a week ago now. The lessons she learns and the wisdom she gains are ones that will remain with me as well.

Definitely a wonderful read and awesome to be along for her transformation from not believing in herself and feeling like a failure to knowing it’s okay to fail because it only makes us stronger and human.

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Boying Up: How to be Brave, Bold and Brilliant  by Mayam Bialak
(Philomel Books ~ May 8, 2018) 


The Stars at Oktober Bend  by Glenda Millard
(May 8th 2018 ~ Candlewick Press) 


Someone Else’s Summer by Rachel Bateman  
(Running Press Kids ~ May 8, 2018) 


Elektra’s Adventures in Tragedy by Douglas Rees  
(Running Press Kids ~ May 8, 2018) 




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