New April 2018 Titles from Sports Illustrated Kids

Reviews by Juli White ~ @whatmykidsandiread on Instagram

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Thanks to the publisher and  @kidlitexchange  for these review copies. All opinions are my own! 

The Baseball Fanbook by Gary Gramling
(Sports Illustrated Kids ~ April 3, 2018)

If you have a baseball fan at your house or even a kiddo who really enjoys facts and trivia, this book will be a home run!


Sports Illustrated Kids just released “The Baseball Fanbook,” written by Gary Grambling, and it really is a book full of all sorts of the most interesting and fun things to know about baseball, jam-packed with tons and tons of pictures. There’s just tons of info on the game and all of its components, like recognizing pitches, knowing the lingo, how to score a game, and most importantly, how to recreate the hot dogs served at MLB stadiums.

You can even learn some tips on how to be a better player or pretend you’re going to run a team, or see how current players compare with players from the past. And that’s just to start. There’s really so much awesome stuff crammed in this book.

We especially loved all the obscure facts:

⚾️ Did you know teams starting wearing gray on the road so they didn’t have to do laundry?
⚾️ Did you know umpires used to wear top hats and tails?
⚾️ Did you know the fastest game in history was 51 minutes long?

This is definitely a book that kids can read over and over again, always finding something new to look at and learn about. And that’s the sign of a great book. I mean, it really hits it out of the park.👍🏻

My First Book of La Crosse: A Rookie Book
(Sports Illustrated Kids ~ April 24, 2018)

I should probably state right off the bat that before reading this book with my kids, none of us knew the least bit about lacrosse. We just don’t have a lot of lacrosse teams in our neck of the woods. But now, after reading this book, you might call us experts on the subject. Or, just people who know a lot more about lacrosse.

“My First Book of Lacrosse,” a Rookie Book from Sports Illustrated Kids, was a big hit at my house. This is the latest in a series that already includes soccer, baseball, hockey and football.

That bright red cover and the super fun fonts drew us in right from the get-go, but it was the appealing formatting inside, with all of the big, colorful pictures and interesting info that had us hooked. The whole premise of the book is to learn the basics of the sport, but you get to see a game played step by step, complete with a timer on the corner of each page like it’s in real time. It’s about the closest you can get to lacrosse without watching actually watching a real, live game of lacrosse. Seriously, it’s so unique.

This is a bigger sized book and yet, the pictures still fill most of the page. This really adds to the feeling of being right there, smack dab in the middle of the game. There’s so much to look at and read all over the pages, including lacrosse facts, lingo, trivia and funny dialogue from the players. We especially liked the two little cartoon characters who are learning about lacrosse right along with the reader. They add the goofiest, punniest jokes to each page.

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