The Way the Light Bends by Cordelia Jensen

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First photo and review by Katie L. ~ @texasreadergirl on Instagram

The Way the Light Bends by Cordelia Jensen
(Philomel Books ~ March 27, 2018)

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Linc and Holly have always been inseparable – “virtual twins.” Holly was adopted as an infant from Ghana when her parents discovered they were pregnant with Linc. Now high school sophomores, the two girls have drifted apart. Holly is an academic success, member of the student council, and soccer star – all to her mother’s great joy. Linc is less academically gifted but is passionate about art and photography and knows she is meant to pursue her dreams to great success – if only her parents would believe in her. Linc makes some questionable choices in pursuit of her passion, jeopardizing her relationships and her future. But along the way, through some hard lessons, she learns that situations are often far more complicated than they seem – and slowly finds her way back to the strong and unique bond she shares with her beloved sister and family.

I LOVED this beautifully written novel-in-verse by Cordelia Jensen. This is my third or so novel-in-verse and I’m realizing what an incredible storytelling device this is. They are (usually) quick reads by nature (I devoured this novel in a day) but this often belies the gravity and depth of the words and I love this contrast. The verses came alive on the page and I quickly found myself totally immersed in and empathizing with Linc and Holly’s complicated and compelling story. I am so glad the sisters found their way back to one another because they are both struggling with their identity, and together they are far stronger than apart. Highly recommend this book for high school and up.

And another photo and review by Claire Hagedorn ~ @literacyin8th on Instagram

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This book was amazing. The story, written in poems, tells one sister’s story. Her adopted sister Holly is “perfect” in almost every way, making Linc feel inadequate. However, Linc starts to find what she feels will make her whole: art and photography.
. .
It’s a great reminder of the importance of viewing each individual by their strengths, not by comparisons to others. As I read, I was so hopeful for Linc to find herself, get into the art school, and become close with Holly again. Each piece of the story has been so well-developed and thought out! LOVED it!

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