The Unflushables By Ron Bates

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The Unflushables By Ron Bates
(April 10th 2018 ~ Jimmy Patterson)

This fun title is an adventurous tale that takes place in a society where plumbers are outlaws, the city has sewer problems, and one large corporation has a monopoly on the care and upkeep of all the plumbing. Our hero, Sully, is a secret plumber who is trying to solve his school’s toilet backup problems by day and works on house calls as a plumber’s apprentice at night. With plenty of bathroom humor, this book will appeal to fans of Captain Underpants and anyone who loves to laugh over things adults might frown upon! I’ve got plenty of readers at my school who will love this book, so I’ll be buying a copy!

And Here’s A Review from Michele!

Review by Michele G. ~ Originally on Instagram


The Unflushables will be a great addition to my elementary library! Part of the “James Patterson Presents” line, Ron Bates’s book The Unflushables doesn’t disappoint. Sullivan is a kid who loves toilets and everything about them. He envies the plumber superheroes of the past and is looking to find a toilet-clogging culprit at school. The town’s annual burrito festival is coming up and something strange is going on – involving monsters coming out of toilets and drains.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Potty humor will be sure to engage students as well as the fast moving plot and the thrill of a kid who lives basically on his own, as his uncle is MIA a lot and his parents are in Figi. As an adult, yes, I had to suspend disbelief but I don’t see this being a problem for middle grade readers.

And Here’s A Review from Stacie!

Review by Stacie B. ~ Originally on Instagram


This middle grade read will have you laughing at the potty jokes from page one. Sullivan lives in a world where his superheroes are plumbers. In a town that is being taken over by sewer monsters, Sully needs to find help to keep Nitro City safe from the horrible creatures that lurk in the drainage. The Plumbers League of UnNaturally Gifted Exceptionals (P.L.U.N.G.E.) has to prepare for the biggest sewer event in fifty years with the annual burrito festival coming to Nitro City toilets. The plan must be flawless or Nitro City will be forever lost in sewage. This read will have middle grade boys laughing and middle grade girls screeching in disgust from the moment you pick it up.

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