For Every One By Jason Reynolds

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For Every One  by Jason Reynolds
(April 10th 2018 ~ Atheneum/Caitlyn Dlouhy Books)

Review and Picture by Laura G. on Instagram

Jason Reynolds has a way with words! We all know this is true. FOR EVERY ONE proves it yet again in only 100 pages (including lots of white space). This slim book of poems (or perhaps just one long poem) is a beautiful love letter to dreamers everywhere. Reynolds exhorts dreamers to never give up on their dreams, even through the struggle, even on the “long and often dark road.” This would make a perfect gift for any special occasion; I will certainly be buying my own copy and rereading it when I need to. FOR EVERY ONE is the kind of book that will give you the hope and courage you need to keep pursuing your dreams, whatever they are. This belongs in every middle and high school Library.

And ANOTHER review of this one!

IMG_5416Review and Photo by Ashleigh R. ~ Originally On Instagram

Only one other time in my life have I read a text and thought: I must read this out loud. I HAVE to hear this OUT LOUD. (Shouts to the Master is the other time @rupikaur_)| So I did. I went back 101 pages. Started over and read it out loud to the echo chambers of my living room. Twice.| Imagine starting a year with reading this aloud to your students, or letting them read this to one. Imagine starting the year with this in every teacher’s hands to shout to their classes. Imagine your mother reading this at 63, because she put too much on the back burner for you. Imagine this in the hands of a new grad, a new parent, or that friend you know you want to see.| I want to put this in to the hands of everyone I know, because I do believe that everyone has had a dream. And as Jason Reynolds explains – this is not solely for the creatives or the dreams of a certain medium – it is for us all.| This is a fire in your belly, mist in your eyes, and hope in your ripped-out-heart kind of text that may just be exactly what you need to “jump anyway.” Because maybe we shouldn’t jump only in hopes of “making it.” Maybe we just need to jump.| Thank you, as always, for these words, @jasonreynolds83. I am proud to call you an obsession.

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