More April 3rd 2018 Picture Book Releases!

Thanks to publishers for sharing all of these titles with Kid Lit Exchange!

Reviews and photos by the following Kid Lit Exchange Reviewers:

Kate Olson ~ @theloudlibrarylady and @littleloudlibrary on Instagram
Stacie Boren ~ @borenbooks on Instagram
Savannah Webster ~ @savannahsmilesubam on Instagram
Laura Trapp ~ @thetrappedlibrarian on Instagram

Little Truck by Taro Gomi
(Chronicle Books ~ April 3, 2018)


(Review by Kate) This vividly colored chunky board book is simplistic and perfect for the little truck lovers in your life. Highly recommended as a baby and toddler gift. While I do have many board books in my library, this one seems better suited for public library collections and daycare/preschool settings in addition to home libraries.

And another photo and review by Stacie Boren!

Screenshot 2018-04-03 10.00.11

Little truck just keeps trucking braving dark tunnels, uphill, and over the bridge. He is reminded be careful by his parent not far behind him. A wonderful read a long with a toddler. The illustrations follow the story line and are easy for toddlers to understand.

Aquarium by Cynthia Alonso
(Chronicle Books ~ April 3, 2018)


(Review from Kate) Alonso has created a stunning wordless picture book featuring a small girl and her quest to replicate the ocean (along with a captured fish) in her own home and backyard. I was enchanted, as was my tween daughter, with the artwork and the poignant storyline. I will be purchasing this title for my elementary library for my wordless picture book collection.

And another photo and review by Stacie Boren!

Screenshot 2018-04-03 09.57.08

A beautifully illustrated picture book of a girl who goes down to the river with a daydream. Once a little red fish catches her eye, her imagination runs wild and with extensive resources of water bottles, pitchers, bowls, and hoses she builds her own version of her dream aquarium until she realizes that isn’t practical. She takes her dream back to the river and continues to love that little fish there.

I Really Want to See You Grandma by Toro Gomi
(Chronicle Books ~ April 3, 2018)


(Review by Kate)Okay, so this one is just plain CUTE! Yumi and her grandmother both decide to visit each other at the exact same time and keep missing the other upon arrival ~ they eventually do meet up, don’t worry! This is a sweet story of the love between and grandmother and granddaughter and with the single line of text on each page will make a great read aloud for 4K and kindergarten. I will be purchasing this title for my elementary library.

I Got IT! by David Wiesner
(Clarion ~ April 3, 2018)


(Review by Kate)David Wiesner is an absolute pro at wordless stories and his newest title is no exception. This book expertly and emotionally captures the experience of a boy who is almost……almost…….almost catching that ball…..until finally I GOT IT! I will be purchasing a copy of this title for my elementary library wordless picture book collection. Oh, and it has already received 4 STARRED trade reviews, NBD.

And another photo and review by Savannah!

Screenshot 2018-04-03 10.11.15

David Wiesner is known for his beautifully illustrated picture books that often have little to no words at all. Some of my favorite titles are Tuesday, Flotsam, and Sector 7. I will admit I’m not a huge baseball fan but that didn’t stop me from enjoying this book! My immediate thought upon glancing at the first couple pages was, it reminds me of The Sandlot! It starts out with a neighborhood game of baseball and the main character wants to join in and he is sent to the outfield. A ball comes his way and he yells, “I got it!” which are the only words you will see in this book. He ends up tripping and not catching the ball much to his teammates disappointment. Next the obstacles to catch the ball seem to get bigger and more imaginative! Will he catch the ball in the end? I’ll let you find out!

Another beautiful story by David Wiesner about overcoming obstacles and believing in yourself! Recommended for ages 4-7.

And another review from Laura Trapp!

Screenshot 2018-04-05 11.45.27

This wordless picture book is perfect for the spring with baseball season starting up. In this story we follow a boy who is watching a ball game and asks to join in. But when he calls “I got it!” and goes after a fly ball, he misses not once, but twice! Finally he soars with the birds in a unique “Wiesner-esque” sequence on his way to catch the final fly ball and deny the home run from the opposing team.

Lots of kids will connect with this book – from casual players who enjoy an occasional pick-up game to serious baseball and softball players – we’ve all missed our share of fly balls! And we can imagine that amazing feeling of saving the game with the perfect catch, whether or not we’ve experienced it. We can be inspired to keep trying, dig deep, and succeed! The illustrations are vivid, the book jacket and case cover drew me in, and the details had me examining players, scenery, facial expressions. I found myself wanting to go back to previous pages to inspect the illustrations even more as I put together the events in my mind.

A superb wordless picture book that you should add to your elementary library collection and gift to a ball-playing child in your life!

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