Love, Mama Written and Illustrated by Jeanette Bradley

Review and Photo by Tracy ~ Originally posted on Instagram

Thank you @kidlitexchange for providing me with an advance copy to read and review. All opinions are my own.

Love, Mama  ~ Written and Illustrated by Jeanette Bradley
(January 2nd 2018 ~ Roaring Brook Press)

LOVE, MAMA is the debut picture book from author/illustrator Jeanette Bradley, and she knocked it out of the park! Little Kipling the penguin waves goodbye to his mama as she floats away on an iceberg (which appears to be taking her to a really cool ship). Kipling expects Mama to come home soon, but she’s not back for dinner, bedtime, or even the next day. Kipling can’t have any fun without Mama. But one day he receives a package of all his favorite things and a special note that begins, “My love for you stretches across the wide ocean….” (Yes, mamas, it’s a bit of a tearjerker). Kipling learns that even when Mama is away from home, her love is great enough to bridge any physical divide. The book is filled with stunning, Arctic illustrations in calming, cool blues.

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