Hurricane Child By Kheryn Callender

Review and photo by Laura G. ~ Originally posted on Instagram,  @librianmsg

Thank you to the publisher for sharing this book with Kid Lit Exchange. All opinions are my own.

Hurricane Child By Kheryn Callender
(March 27th 2018 ~ Scholastic)

Goodreads Description

Twelve-year-old Caroline is a Hurricane Child, born on Water Island during a storm. Coming into this world during a hurricane is unlucky, and Caroline has had her share of bad luck already. She’s hated by everyone in her small school, she can see things that no one else can see, and — worst of all — her mother left home one day and never came back. With no friends and days filled with heartache, Caroline is determined to find her mother. When a new student, Kalinda, arrives, Caroline’s luck begins to turn around. Kalinda, a solemn girl from Barbados with a special smile for everyone, seems to see the things Caroline sees, too. Joined by their common gift, Kalinda agrees to help Caroline look for her mother, starting with a mysterious lady dressed in black. Soon, they discover the healing power of a close friendship between girls.


First of all, the obvious. What a gorgeous cover! Tonya Engel is the talent behind this IMG_5345cover, probably my favorite so far of 2018. It beautifully captures the spirit of the book, as well; just look at the inner strength emanating from her!

The main character, Caroline has had an unlucky life so far. She was born during a hurricane and her mother has left her. She is spunky, determined and intelligent, however, (see cover image! can’t you see it?) and she is determined to find her mom with the help of her new friend. The imagery in this book is beautifully done; the setting is so vividly painted that I could really see the islands Caroline calls home. Her first-person narrative is at times filled with so much unbridled emotion and pain that my heart just aches for her. Magic is woven into Caroline and Kalinda’s story, as well. Overall, this is a solid debut novel that deserves a place in most middle school libraries. Bravo!

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