Bunny’s Staycation By Lori Richmond

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Bunny’s Staycation By Lori Richmond                                                                                   (January 30th 2018 ~ Scholastic Press)

Review and Photo by Tabitha W. ~ originally on Instagram


With colorful illustrations that are cute enough to make an infant squeal (quite literally!), this book is a must read for kids of all ages!! Bunny is so upset when Mama announces that she’s going on a business trip. Bunny makes plans to sabotage her trip that range from flushing her suitcase down the toilet to sending the suitcase away in a time machine. After Mama leaves for her trip, Papa shows Bunny just how much fun their own staycation can be!! My girls and I laughed and smiled through the entire book! I guarantee that you will too!

And ANOTHER review of this one!

IMG_5415Review and Photo by Tracy ~ originally on Instagram

The title of this book had us giggling before we even cracked the cover. BUNNY’S STAYCATION turns the agony of mama’s business travel on its head.

When Mama leaves for a week, Bunny’s papa encourages his little one to look on the bright side of things. Maybe Mama is away on business, but that doesn’t mean Bunny can’t have fun at home. Bunny and Papa design a week full of mini-vacays. In the bathroom, they visit the steamy tropics. In the kitchen, they create a winter wonderland. And in the backyard, it’s a safari! But Bunny still misses Mama. Soon it will be Friday—the day Mama returns—and Papa helps Bunny fill the long hours by creating one final staycation to welcome her home. These bright, colorful illustrations will cheer up lonely little ones—and they’ll love Bunny’s silly mismatching ears.

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