Knockout by K.A. Holt

Happy release day to this middle grade novel in verse! We are bringing you a DOUBLE review to celebrate the occasion…….

Thanks to Chronicle Books for providing us with a review copy – all opinions are our own.

Knockout by K.A. Holt
(Chronicle Books ~ March 6, 2018)

Goodreads Description

Levi just wants to be treated like a typical kid. As a baby, he had a serious disease that caused him respiratory issues. He’s fine now, but his mom and overprotective brother still think of him as damaged, and his schoolmates see him as the same class clown he’s always been. He feels stuck. So when his dad—divorced from his mom—suggests he take up boxing, he falls in love with the sport. And when he finds out about a school with a killer boxing team and a free-study curriculum, it feels like he’s found a ticket to a new Levi. But how can he tell his mom about boxing? And how can he convince his family to set him free?

This story is a companion novel to House Arrest, another novel in verse that is about the same characters, set years earlier than Knockout.


Kate’s Review

Well, the only possible negative thing I can say about this one is that I wish it were longer! I just read House Arrest a few weeks ago in anticipation of this title, and I will say that although Knockout can be read as a stand alone, it is so so much richer after having read House Arrest. The verse is very accessible and the artistic elements used in some parts of the book are very visually appealing and I think that middle grade readers will love them. Lots of feeling, about a sport not often seen in kid lit, and a fantastic format.

These 2 titles should be in all middle school libraries!

Laura’s Review

KNOCKOUT is an awesome read about a kid who wants to be seen for who he is now, not who he used to be. It’s a quick read since it’s a novel in verse, but I can imagine kids slowing down to savor the words and the message of Holt’s book. With themes of identity, standing up for yourself and finding your passion, there is something for every reader to love in KNOCKOUT. This is a companion novel to HOUSE ARREST, but this can also serve as a stand-alone novel. Loved this book, and oh! that cover! It’s just so beautifully designed. I can’t wait to see it in hardcover sitting on my library shelf.

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