More Than We Can Tell By Brigid Kemmerer

Thanks to Kid Lit Exchange and Bloomsbury for the review copy of this book. All opinions are our own. 

More Than We Can Tell By Brigid Kemmerer
(March 6th 2018 ~ Bloomsbury Children’s)

Header Photo and Review by Katie ~ Originally on Instagram, @texasreadergirl

This book was EXACTLY the YA I needed in my life! It’s heavy and intense but so well-written and handled with such love and care. The characters are interesting, well-developed and unique – without falling into any of the traps that sometime befall the genre – and I honestly did not want to say goodbye to them!

Eighteen-year-old Rev has survived an abusive father and is now part of a loving family IMG_5610with nurturing, understanding parents (who also welcome foster children into their home). He has matured into an emotionally open, kind young adult, but a letter from his father reopens the deep wounds of his past, and Rev is crippled with fear and indecision about how to proceed.

Emma’s parents fight all the time. Her mom doesn’t understand or appreciate Emma’s talents when it comes to writing computer code, and her father is never home. When she experiences online harassment, Emma feels alone and scared, and soon starts fearing for her safety.

Thankfully, Emma and Rev find each other, and with their mutual support – plus that of their friends and family – they slowly find their way out of misery, fear, and danger.

NB: I’m particularly glad Kemmerer addresses the harassment of women in the online gaming community. It is an issue I was previously unaware of, but is clearly so important to bring to light and address.

Because of the serious and intense subject matter (physical and emotional abuse, sexual harassment), I would recommend this book to older, more mature high school students.


Photo and Review by Kate ~ Originally on Instagram @theloudlibrarylady

IMG_5611I LOVED this book. LOVED IT. And yes, it technically exists in the same world as Kemmerer’s book LETTERS TO THE LOST, but you do not in any way need to read that book first before this one. I liked that story, but nowhere near as much as I did this one!

MORE THAN WE CAN TELL is YA fiction at its best, with complex issues and complex characters in that achingly difficult almost-adult stage of life. Emma’s gamer life combined with Rev’s childhood trauma make this an incredibly unique storyline that is so refreshing to see in the YA world. An authentic and techno girl meets a damaged and emotionally OPEN guy and awkwardness ensues, as it will. The harassment of females in the online gamer movement has been openly written about so often, but rarely in this format, and Emma’s savviness combined to her teenage vulnerability to the darkness of the world of online trolls makes her scarily like so many teen girls I know. And Rev. Oh REV. I love this guy. I also ache for the abused little boy he was, and I cheer for his FABULOUS adoptive parents and their ever-open hearts and minds. Oh, and Declan and Cait, the best friends. I adore them too!

Required purchase for high school libraries, and highly recommended reading for everyone! The books I can best compare it to are a combination of GINNY MOON and FAR FROM THE TREE.

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  1. Oh, this book sounds fantastic, and I just love the cover! It jumped right out and caught my attention. I’ve been meaning to read Letters to the Lost, so I’ll have to add this to my list right after that. Sounds like it’ll be a great one to read. 🙂


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