Love, Hate and Other Filters By Samira Ahmed

Review and photo by Kid Lit Exchange reviewer Drew of @puppies.and.plot.twists on Instagram

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Love, Hate and Other Filters By Samira Ahmed
(Published January 16th 2018 ~ Soho Teen)

Love, Hate, & Other Filters follows Maya Aziz through her senior year, documenting her troubles with cute boys, hovering parents, and social prejudices. I loved two main things in this book: 1) the developing love story with perfectly-hot-football-jock named Phil, and 2) Maya’s passion about her art of making movies. I too am a creative person who wishes to follow and fulfill her dreams, so Maya’s passion was really quite contagious. Equally contagious was her love for this guy Phil. I loved each and every scene with the two of them together, and I think their romance was very well-written.

In Love, Hate, & Other Filters, Maya is the only Indian Muslim in her school, and she and lovehateher family come to face problems because of that. About halfway through the book, a terrorist attack occurs in a city nearby, and conflict begins to surround Maya’s family. I appreciated that the terrorist attack was not the central event in the book, and that the story did not revolve around the conflict, but instead revolved around Maya and what she was experiencing. Additionally, I liked that the terrorist attack was something to be overcome, and it didn’t last throughout the whole book.

I loved how Maya’s family was written. I loved how Maya overcame the traditionalism of her parents, and how even though things may not have worked out the way Maya or her parents had wanted, they were still okay. This book, and Maya especially, taught me that conflict can be overcome, that love is important, and that life does go on.

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