This is Not a Valentine By Carter Higgins Illustrated by Lucy Ruth Cummins

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This is Not a Valentine by Carter Higgins
(December 26th 2017 ~ Chronicle Books)

Review and Picture Below by Laurie P. on Instagram

Interest Level: K-3; Reading Level: 3.7

What exactly does a Valentine look like? Red hearts and glitter? Not always! Valentines can come in the form of dandelions and rings from a plastic container and capes and rocks. This is such a sweet story of friendship, not just on Valentine’s Day, but the whole year. Students of all ages will enjoy this story because it is so much like a real Valentine!
I absolutely love this story because it brings back so many memories. When I was in elementary school my sweetheart gave me a ring in a plastic container. Who would have known that years later he would give me a real one? Valentines do come true! This is a must read story for anyone – kids and adults!

And yet ANOTHER review of this title!

Review and photo by Susan @redcanoereader on Instagram

IMG_5405A little guy in the cape INSISTS that the treasures he shares with the little girl on his bus are not Valentines. Because after all, Valentines are supposed to be sweet smelling flowers, not almost dead dandelions, real jewels, not vending machine rings, and especially not a red superhero cape aren’t they? But when you share your lucky rock and the second best hiding space on the playground and the jelly half of your peanut butter and jelly sandwich, maybe it is! Lucy Ruth Cummins has created some endearing characters in This is NOT a Valentine that you’ll long remember. Those, along with Carter Higgins charming story have given us a book that you’ll want to share with your little ones, and all of those you love, no matter what their age. It’s a must buy for all elementary libraries!

And yet ANOTHER review of this title!

Review and photo by Caitlin L @caitlin_lore on Instagram

Screenshot 2018-02-14 15.00.45

If you are in need a a smile this Valentine’s Day, then you must find a copy of THIS IS NOT A VALENTINE, a super poignant picture book by debut author Carter Higgins and children’s book veteran Lucy Ruth Cummins.

This book is not a Valentine, see. There aren’t roses or candy hearts; frilly edges or mushy kisses. Instead, it’s full of secret hiding spots, superhero capes, and two adorable kids learning what it means to really care for someone.

I’ve never been one for the mushiness of the holiday, but give me honest, sweet, real love any day, and I’m a fan.
THIS IS NOT A VALENTINE gives a nod to bashful, honest, handmade first crushes and the power of loving someone. It’s ridiculously sweet, and there’s one line (which I’m not spoiling!) near the end of the story that truly warmed my heart. THIS IS NOT A VALENTINE is one of those stories full of truth that’s applicable to all ages.

I also really loved that this is a diverse picture book!

If you have a little one on the cusp of school crushes and first love, this is a sweet story to put in their hands or even read aloud! Highly recommended for Valentine’s Day and every day after!

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