Cinnamon Bun Besties by Stacia Deutsch

Picture and Review by Stacie B. ~ originally on @borenbooks, Instagram

I received this book from #kidlitexchange to read in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Cinnamon Bun Besties by Stacia Deutsch
(February 6th 2018 ~ Sky Pony Press)

Description (from Goodreads)

Lucia has always wanted a dog, but her parents think it’s too much work, even though IMG_5232Lucia is willing to help out. It’s not fair! She ends up making do with befriending a stray dog in the local park, which she names Cinnamon Bun, after his blond-brown coloring. He’s a bright spot for her in the midst of school and friend drama.

Until one day, Cinnamon Bun shows up with a collar on: He has an owner. Lucia reluctantly takes him to the address on the collar, and… a cute boy her age answers the door! He offers to -share- his dog at the park with her, and Lucia loves spending time with both of them. But will she ever get a dog of her own?


🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟/ 5

Best friends, mortal enemies, competition, puppies, Valentine’s day, crushes, and middle graders learning life’s hard lessons and becoming their own person all wrapped up in one neat little package!

The Swirl Novels are great reads for middle grade students and I am so happy I get to read them! Suki learns to be a better person and friend when she realizes competition and holding grudges aren’t how to accomplish things in Cinnamon Bun Besties.

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