The Secret of Nightingale Wood By Lucy Strange


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The Secret of Nightingale Wood By Lucy Strange
(Chicken House – October 31, 2017)

THE SECRET OF NIGHTINGALE WOOD is the story of Henry and her family in the aftermath of the loss of her brother Robert. Set in 1919, it’s centered around a time in the world when certain emotions, afflictions, and issues with women were hidden away. When her own mother has trouble coping with the loss of her son, just after the birth of her daughter, and with her Father away at work, Henry finds that she has to step up and care for her new sister, dubbed Piglet. But as the family settles into this new life, Henry finds herself wandering deep in the woods where she stumbles upon the mysterious Moth, a women who just might hold the key to helping Henry save her family.

As I read NIGHTINGALE, I couldn’t help but find myself swept up in the classics of myIMG_5227 childhood, the prose reminiscent of so many stories near and dear to my heart. Lucy Strange’s words are beautifully poetic and transformative as she takes readers back into a time where life was simpler and more magical.
Yet, she also captures the hidden and dark aspects of the time period in such an emotional way.

Though this is Henry’s tale, it’s also so much more. It’s the story of many girls and women in the time—a time when they were misunderstood and locked away for fear of their hysterics spreading.

I’ve never been too much of a historical fiction fan, but Strange pulled me into her story from the beginning and I had a hard time letting go. I was invested in Henry, in her mother, in Piglet and in Moth—all these strong women who had so much to teach me. I also loved the air of mystery that Strange wove throughout the tale, keeping me turning the pages just to see how it was going to end.

I recommend this book for those interested in history, strong female characters, classic prose, and social change.
This is a book that will make readers wonder, but also ponder what it means to care for others.

📚Ages 8-12
📚Family themes and hard topics
📚Historical Fiction w/ an air of Mystery

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