The Girl In Between by Sarah Carroll

Review and photo by Amber  ~ originally published on Books and Cats and Coffee.

Thanks to the @kidlitexchange network for the free review copy of this book – all opinions are my own. 

the girl inbetweenThe Girl In Between by Sarah Carroll
(Kathy Dawson Books  ~ June 20, 2017)

Book Description
(from Goodreads)

I’m invisible. Ma says I’m supposed to be so the Authorities don’t get me. She goes out into the streets almost every day but I’m not allowed. I’ve got to stay inside the mill so they don’t see me.

In an old, abandoned mill, a girl and her ma take shelter from their memories of life on the streets, and watch the busy world go by. The girl calls it the Castle because it’s the biggest place they’ve ever stayed, a home of her own like no other. The windows are boarded up and the floorboards are falling in but for her neither of those things matter.

Then developers show up, and it’s clear that their lives are about to change forever. Desperate to save their refuge from the Authorities and her mother from her own personal demons, the girl seeks out the ghosts of the mill. And with only Caretaker the old man who’s slept outside the mill for decades around to answer her questions, she begins to wonder what kind of ghosts are haunting both the mill and her mother.


The main draws into this book are definitely going to be the characters and the story. The main character, the girl mentioned in the title, drew me in from the start. She had an innocence about her, a precociousness that comes with childhood, but also an underlying sense of understanding and that innate self-preservation mode that comes with a difficult life. And then there’s the story. Told from the girl’s perspective, the details are shared in a way that only a child can get away with (their home is the Castle, their neighbor is Caretaker, her ma’s friend is Monkey Man), and it adds an emotional dimension to the story that you wouldn’t get from an adult’s viewpoint. And did I mention the ending? Oh, man. It’s a solid punch to the feels. 

Side note: While this book is categorized as young adult/teen, I think it will appeal more strongly to the younger readers of this age range.

Highly recommend.  4 stars

Amber has spent her entire life with her nose buried in a book, and the only thing she enjoys more than reading books is telling other people about them.  She holds a Master of Library and Information Science degree, and spends her “9-5” in the land of books.  She resides in the upper Midwest with her husband and their two feline furbabies, Nacho and Chili.  Amber can be found chatting about books on Instagram (@AmberK1120), Twitter (@AMK1120), and WordPress (  

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