Bubbles by Abby Cooper


Review and photo by Susan D. ~ originally posted on Red Canoe Reader 

  • Thanks to the @kidlitexchange network for the review copy of this book – all opinions are my own. 

Bubbles by Abby Cooper
(Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR) ~ July 3, 2017)

Sophie has been in mourning for four months, because four months ago she was not only the cause of her mom breaking up with her long time boyfriend, but she also caused her mom to lose her job. As a result, her mom either sits on the couch reading boring magazines or cries in her room, instead of sharing lots of adventures with Sophie as they’ve always done And now Sophie has a new problem. She sees speech bubbles, just like those in cartoons, above people’s heads. She can tell what everyone is thinking!

Here are some of the many reasons that this book is definitely a 5 star review!

  • Sophie’s strength and courage to share about the speech bubbles with her mom and her friends
  • Sophie’s courage to talk to her counselor about her life
  • Sophie’s courage to creatively tackle her problems.
  • Sophie relationships with the adults in the story
  • Sophie’s friendship with her two best friends

Bubbles shows upper elementary and middle schoolers that struggling with friendships and self confidence, is very normal and it’s okay to be sad once in awhile. As Sophie said “…a sad thought every so often didn’t mean a sad life.  …And as long as I have my friends and family with me…I’d never have to deal with any of these things alone.”

Susan Dobrodt was an elementary school librarian until she retired after 22 years of working with children, teachers and parents to help them find the perfect book. Shortly after retiring, she began writing a blog about children’s books, Red Canoe Reader with the goal of helping kids find books which will lead them to the joy of being a lifelong reader. When she’s not curled up with a book or searching for the best new books, you can find Susan exploring the country with her husband, who also happens to be her best friend, and spending time with her two sons and extended family – which is her truly happy place. You can find Susan on TwitterInstagram and Facebook where you just might find your next favorite book.

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