The Lake Effect by Erin McCahan


Review by Kid Lit Exchange reviewer Lindsay Johnston and originally published on Lindsay’s Book Reviews

The Lake Effect by Erin McCahan
(Dial Books ~ July 11, 2017)

I received an ARC of The Lake Effect from @kidlitexchange for a review and my honest opinion. And my honest opinion is that everyone should read this book! I easily give it 5 / 5 stars!


Briggs is an 18-year-old with a plan. A big plan. He just graduated high school and is heading to college in the fall to earn his MBA degree so he can make lots of money and ‘be rich’. In the meantime, he has taken a job as an assistant to an elderly woman who has a large house on the shores of Lake Michigan. The job entails working on ‘Mrs. B’s’ house, fixing things for her and driving her to the many funerals she has to attend. The next door neighbor, Abigail, is a smart and secretive girl whom Briggs decides he must figure out and befriend.

Over the course of the summer, as Briggs spends time with the eccentric Mrs. B, the mysterious Abigail and a gaggle of new friends, he starts to question his big plans. Are his college and career plans what he has always wanted, or what has always been expected of him? In the company of new people who view the world differently than his family and old friends, Briggs starts to wonder what it is he really wants for himself.


There are so many aspects of this book to love. The writing is so modern and so ’18-year-old’. I found myself laughing out loud many time throughout the book both at the plot and the characters who were just plain humorous. As Briggs makes new friends and starts to form a relationship with Abigail, I got those ‘feels’ back from when I was that age. The underlying pieces of the plot such as pressure from family, death and love provided some heavier substance to an otherwise light read, but I found it to provide great balance between heavy and light. This coming-of-age tale is so very real: laugh, cry, fall and get back up kind of stuff. I loved it so much and recommend it to anyone!


Thank you to the publisher and @kidlitexchange for an ARC of The Lake Effect. All opinions are my own.

Lindsay Johnston is a lifelong reader and loves to immerse herself into the online book communities on Instagram and blog reviews. She is also a fourth grade reading teacher in Ohio, always on the lookout for the next book her students may love. As a member of tKid Lit Exchange, Lindsay is able to peruse a wide range of children’s literature books that she can use in her classroom. You can find her on Instagram @lindsays_books or take a look at her blog where she reviews both adult and children’s lit titles: 

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