A Rambler Steals Home by Carter Higgins

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Review and photo by Susan D. ~ originally posted on Red Canoe Reader 

Thanks to the author for sharing a copy of this book with Kid Lit Exchange for review!

A Rambler Steals Home by Carter Higgins
(HMH Books for Young Readers ~ February 27, 2017)

Derby, her brother and her dad lead a vagabond life. They travel the country hauling their rambler to ball parks and fairgrounds selling their hamburgers and fries. But every summer, they can’t resist returning to Ridge Creek, Virginia, for the Rockskippers, a minor league baseball team, season. They’ve been spending every summer there as long as Derby can remember, and their many friends always forward to their return. I admired Derby’s strength as she tells the story of missing her mom who walked out years ago, her determination to find a way to help her dearest friend in Ridge Creek and her struggle to understand what home truly means.  As her dear friend, June, tells her, “Your home has wheels, but your heart has roots right here.” This book is really a winner!

Susan Dobrodt was an elementary school librarian until she retired after 22 years of working with children, teachers and parents to help them find the perfect book. Shortly after retiring, she began writing a blog about children’s books, Red Canoe Reader with the goal of helping kids find books which will lead them to the joy of being a lifelong reader. When she’s not curled up with a book or searching for the best new books, you can find Susan exploring the country with her husband, who also happens to be her best friend, and spending time with her two sons and extended family – which is her truly happy place. You can find Susan on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook where you just might find your next favorite book.

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